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We wanted to create an interactive map of our own ever since we started this Monday Map column. When we saw that Cheism (see also his travel notebooks) had sticked his own stickers in several continents, we figured that it could be fun content for a map. So we came up this very simple system to display the photos taken around the world when you hover the red dots.

Che's words on this: "I've always had an interest in Street art, particularly the use of stickers. I decided to combine this interest with my travels, so I could leave a unique and personal mark on or near famous locations across the world. It also allowed me to have some artwork up in a variety of countries as well as also spreading the word of Cheism! It has now become essential to take stickers with me whilst traveling and to find interesting spots to stick them in."

> Pass your mouse over the dots on the maps to see photos of the stickers