The well-traveled and city dwellers among us have learned to read metro maps with ease and efficiency. So much ease in fact, I myself often wish the style and structure of metro maps were utilized elsewhere. The following maps do just that:

Sam Loman’s Underskin is a metro map of the body, making human anatomy as easy as buying a metro ticket. The subway lines represent the different systems of the body, with stations located at the organs and major bones.

Human Body as Subway Map

Cameron Booth’s Interstates as a Subway Diagram is a simplistic representation of the U.S. Interstate Highway System, which in reality is anything but simplistic.

Interstate by Cameron Booth

The Milky Way Transit Authority map by Samuel Arbesman depicts our galaxy in a series of subway lines and stations. The lines correspond to arms of the galaxy and the stations are actual locations within the Milky Way. While galactic space travel is not a reality to the masses, this map helps you imagine a time when it might be.

MWTA Samuel Arbesman


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