We recently discovered British artist Simon Evans' work on butdoesitfloat.com and were really amazed by his art, especially the maps and plans. For this week Monday Map we have selected his rescue plan that we loved but there's many more of his artwork that could be featured here as they are all stunning.

You might not see that very well on the picture but Evans' art is a mix of pen drawings, collage, photos so it must look even more amazing to see it live. The Rescue Plan was exhibited in NY in 2009 but I couldn't find any info if it was currently possible to see it anywhere. If you happen to know, please tell us. He currently lives in Berlin so maybe we'll have a chance to get in touch with him when we go there in April.

I don't resist to show you a couple more of his artworks, please go visit the official website to see more of his work.


Map Simon Evans
Map Simon Evans 2