Every day brilliant people create brilliant things, so this is not a surprise that people made a mashup of Google Maps and Kickstarter. But when it’s so well done it deserves our support and applause. Please, discover one of our newest favorite mapping tool: ThingsWeStart, a mashup that lets you localize on a map all the projects from Kickstarter.


ThingsWeStart Europe

We all know that Kickstarter has grown a lot in the recent years and has hit the news several times thanks to projects reaching millions in funding. But I had no idea that those were so spread out around the world. Obviously, there’s an overwhelming majority in the States but also an interesting number around the world. We know from experience that it’s quite hard to use Kickstarter when you don’t live in the US but it’s good to see that there are still people doing it.

ThingsWeStart also offers ways to filter the projects using the official categories and do search using city names or postal codes. As Good.is suggested in their newsletter, it’s a great way to find local projects to support. We also like to simply get lost on the map and discover random initiatives.