Roadtrips are one of our favorite ways of traveling. You might remember our adventure in Flanders looking for giant rabbits and for which our friends at We-Van lent us one of their brilliant vans. Since then we can’t wait to go back using one of those for a new road trips. Plans have already been made for the Balkans and Ukraine for summer 2013. But who knows before then…

Thanks to a tweet from Floriz from Gidsy—whose brother Edial told us about their family van adventure—we discovered the #VanLife community.

Organized around a beautiful Tumblr photo gallery, #VanLife is more than a website, it’s a community of Van lovers with a brilliant motto “Home is where you park it.” Go have a look and dream of getting ahold of one those babies and hit the road.

To join in and simply admire all the vehicles you can follow the #vanlife hashtag on Instagram or Twitter and like their fan page. What a brilliant idea!