Here's a list of the best places we found to spend Halloween.
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Today is Halloween and if we ever need a reason to travel, it's just as good as any. So we've spend a lot of time compiling and researching the best places in the world to spent a crazy and spooky Halloween night. As you will see there are many different options depending if you like to travel with your friends and party, spend some time with your family or even as a young couple with a child. Be aware that some of them are not for the faint of heart and can be scary, trashy, bloody or even dangerous. But that's what Halloween is all about after all, right? Have a look at our list and please share you best spots for Halloween!

Winter River, Connecticut

In Winter River, there's a beautiful mansion available for rent that we believe is the perfect location for a family Halloween party. The particularity of this house is that you will have to share it with a couple of ghosts. Just think of the bright side, that's more people to party with and they won't take up any room in the house. As a special guest, you can summon Beetlejuice, a hilarious bio-exorcist ghost that will spice up your Halloween night!

Woodsboro, California

Woodsboro is your typical American college town with a lot of regular parties. This destination is perfect for the younger crowd who wants to do keg stands and tequila shot contests. The Halloween celebrations are quite unique as some of the students with a passion for scary movies wear a ghostface costume and randomly kill some of their peers. But don't worry it's easy to avoid drama and enjoy the fun, simply find a girl called Sidney Prescott and stick around. Nothing will happen to you, she's a specialist and easily survived 4 of those halloween parties.

Sleepy Hollow, New York

Sleepy Hollow
The quiet little town of Sleepy Hollow is located in the Westchester county, close to New York city which makes it easily accessible. We heard about an awesome killing show by a headless horseman which is worth a visit on Halloween night. Help him find his head and he might actually spare your life...


Once you've passed the border of Mexico, coming from the US, there's a really trendy club called the Titty Twister. Things get interesting there when a little blood is spilled as most of the staff will turn into vampires. Always a laugh for Halloween! Don't miss out on the sexy dance show by Satanico Pandemonium and the funky music of the local band Tito & Tarantula. You might want to bring a crucifix and some holy water bombs if you plan to party from dusk till dawn.


Romania might not the most touristic country but it has a famous spooky area called Transylvania that seems perfect for Halloween. You will find there a lot of beautiful old castles and gorgeous green forests with many different varieties of bats. At night, one of the castles hosts crazy vampire parties organized by the famous Count Dracula, a local eccentric millionaire. It's definitely a fancier option than the Titty Twitter if you are into vampires for Halloween.


Admittedly Antarctica is not that easy to access. But there are more and more cruises to get you there if you can afford it. For Halloween, ask for the "Thing" package and they'll take you to a scientific station that hosts a funky alien that assimilates other organisms and in turn imitates them. The point of the Halloween party is to guess who of your friend is actually the alien before he plays some bloody pranks on you. Surviving participants swore that it was a lot of fun.

Sidewinder, Colorado

For us it's the ultimate Halloween destination. The Overlook Hotel, located in Sidewinder, has special offers if you'd like to rent the whole place for yourself. Try to arrive a few days before Halloween and bring some friends along. Usually by the 31st, one of you will start acting crazy and try to kill everyone. Then, it's a giant hide & seek game that starts and the hotel as many rooms. It's also very convenient for couples with kids as they provide toys and entertainment for children. Your child will love to bike around on his tricycle while you go crazy for Halloween.

Fairvale, California

Just fifteen miles outside of the country town of Fairvale, California is located the Bates Motel. The owner Norman is a lovely man with a passion for knives and parties. On every Halloween he organizes what he calls the "annual shower party" that usually ends up in a bloodbath...

New Holland

If you have an interest for science you should definitely stop by New Holland for the Halloween night. Try to meet up with young scientist Victor Frankenstein and have him show you his reanimation equipment which he used to resuscitate his lovely dog Sparky. His friends used it as well to revive their animals and there's now an annual celebration of funny zombie pets for Halloween. Bring your own dead animal and contribute to the fun!

Haddonfield, Illinois

halloween haddonfield
The little town of Haddonfield in Illinois is pretty boring most of the year but lights up for Halloween thanks to the great local party promoter Michael Myers. He organises insanely fun massacres each year on the 31st of October and started his career when he was 6 so you can trust his skills.

Springwood, Ohio

Springwood, Ohio is a must do for Halloween. The Elm Street area offers great accommodation options and is a legendary party place. There's an obvious reason for that, you are not allowed to sleep in Elm Street or Freddy Krueger will come kill you in your dreams. So party hard!