For our first video, we show you what's inside the sexy packaging of the Looxcie camcorder and what you can do with it.
  • Briefing Alex
  • Video Alex & Ben
We are not really what you could call "early adopters" and we usually prefer to spend our money on airplane tickets than on flashy electronic devices. But when we read about the Looxcie we saw a bigger potential that the pure pleasure of playing with the latest tech toy. So far, we've traveled with small camcorders like the Vado HD or cameras that could also record decent movies. But we like to live the moments spontaneously and most of the time this means not getting the camera out of the pocket and start recording. So when we read that the Looxcie was wearable and never stops recording, we figured that it could be the perfect for us. Thanks to Looxcie, we were able to get a couple of units to test them and take them with us on our coming trips. The video above is just the unpacking and a few tests we made in Paris. We will use them heavily in January and publish a more thorough test at the end of the month before taking them on a trip in February. Meanwhile we will regularly post videos on our Twitter so stay tuned ! Alex More about the Looxcie on: - Looxcie Twitter feed - Looxcie Facebook page - Looxcie Youtube channel