Those of you who follow Hejorama know that we are not very much into hip trends. And when we talk about a product, you’ll believe is when we say it’s only because we really like it. Today we introduce you to a new line of shoes that will allow you to travel comfortably on your bike, while looking stylish and elegant.

These shoes are born from a collaboration of two French bike lovers: the shoemaker Black Dandy and the bicycle culture blog As De Pique. Their collection, called “PISTARD,” will also allow you to travel back to a time when indoor cycling was the number one sport.

During these indoor races, champions and starlets were fighting for titles and audience affection with both their skills and their style.

Black Dandy and As De Pique are bringing this spirit back to life with three different models, allowing you to ride with style through life, whether you ride for performances, to get to work, or to party.

The collection: