Camera 5 is back!

12 April of 2012 by

Disposable Stories Camera 5

Last summer in Paris, Maeva, Roy, Daniel, Ben and Alex came up with the Disposable Stories project. We eventually got a second camera back!

  • Story Alex
  • Photos 5 people (see below)
  • Soundtrack of the report
  • I Turn My Camera On
  • Spoon

If you are new to our project here’s a quick summary. The concept is simple, we give a disposable camera to someone with the mission to take 5 pictures and then find a traveler to pass the camera to who will take 5 photos again but in a different part of the world, etc… A chain of 5 people taking 5 pictures around the world.

We sent 10 cameras around the world between June and September 2011.

You probably already know that in January, we got the very first camera back after it traveled for 6 months from Paris to Saigon. It was very exciting to see the photos and prove that our concept wasn’t that crazy after all.

A couple weeks ago, we received an email from Brittney in Canada telling us she got ahold camera n°5 and wanted to send it back as she was the last of the chain.

This camera has a bit of a weird history as it got stuck for a few months in the States until we finally arranged for our friend Adam to pick it up and carry on the chain. As you will see below the rules were not followed very strictly and the number of photos that each person took is a bit random. Almost none took pictures of themselves as we asked but that doesn’t really matter. This is all about freedom and rules are meant to be broken!

Thanks to everyone who took part of the success of this adventure and especially to Brittney who send us the camera from Canada!

And now, the photos!

Update: We have started a Kickstarter project to fund a relaunch of the project on a bigger scale. Join in!


We gave camera n°5 to our friend Alexandra in Paris on the exact same day that we gave the one that came back in January. Seems like it was the right timing. She took the camera with her to the US.


When we realized that the camera was kinda stuck in NY, we asked our friend Adam to pick it up and join the chain during his Thanksgiving trip to the US. Call that cheating if you want (we say it was just a false start). We think that it was worth bending the rule, just for the self-shot of his niece as the extra 6th photo!


Chetan was traveling in Berlin when he got the camera from Adam. Seems like he took all the photos there before passing it.


Chelsea got the camera from Chetan in Berlin and took it with her to Edinburgh.


Brittney got the camera from Chelsea in Zurich and took the photos a Laax ski resort in Switzerland. She sent the camera back from Canada. Thanks a lot for taking care of the shipping!



Camera 4 is back!



Camera 3 is back!

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  1. This picture of Adams niece is priceless!!!
    But I love all the other ones, too! I’m still a huge fan of the project and hope more cameras will find their way back to you!

  2. Fascinating. I love these kind of projects, and I’m a big fan of film…well done, it can be hard to pull it all off without a camera or two going missing.

  3. I am really keen to be part of this project and was so disappointed when the kickstarter campaign wasn’t successful. I have a wedding coming up here in New Zealand where a group of friends from throughout the world are attending. It would be great to give them some cameras for their travels after the wedding. Is this possible?

  4. The third photo by Alexandra- the one at the beach- was taken at Paradise Cove in Malibu, California. I’ve seen this sign a dozen times, it’s outside a beach cafe. I spent a week every summer just a few blocks from there, staying with my godparents :)

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