Justus Bruns, a 24-year-old Dutch designer and artist, believes the world would be a better place with more art in it — especially if it replaces advertising even for just a short time.

That’s why his goal is to turn Times Square — the most iconic place of NYC — into a giant art exhibition. And given the enthusiasm about his idea on various social media platforms, Bruns might just accomplish this extraordinary challenge.

We share Bruns’ belief about art, and that’s why we’re helping to spread the word to support Bruns in this seemingly impossible task. In a world ruled by money, brands and advertisers, we need to do our best to showcase an alternative.

Time Square is one of the places I enjoy most in the U.S., as it's where I arrived the first time I went to visit NYC in 2007. After an exhausting eight hour bus ride (the bus broke down on the highway), we arrived at Times Square and were literally blown away by the orgy of light and flashing screens in Times Square.

Time Square Art Square partyTime Square Art Square Part pre-party

But Times Square also represents some of the things I hate: consumerism and merchandising. Yet, every single time I go to NYC I pay it a visit to the great disdain of my hipster Brooklyn friends who would normally never go there. And each time, I dream of an alternative Times Square — the same one Justus Bruns dreams of I believe.

Visit the website, learn how the project works, and spread the word if you believe in this dream too.


4 questions to Justus Bruns:

How did you came up with the idea?

Out of a simple question: why is there so much ads and so little art. And how can we make a bold statement to change that: Times Square > Art Square.

Artists should get more exposure: they have no goal in selling a specific service or product. Their child-like imagination brings people to new ideas and thoughts and might just stimulate them to create more instead of consume more. I sincerely believe the world would be better of without ads.

Why Time Square?

Because it creates the biggest impact.

Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself. Are you a traveler? Is travel inspiring your art?

I love travelling. I'm now living in NYC, which I see as the city where you travel in one place. So many cultures. Travelling is a dialogue between people. Trying to understand each other and broaden your view. I like to say I live everywhere.

Any art already selected? Anything related to travel?

So far not, we have to wait for our board of curators to select the art. I guess lots of art shown it has been inspired by travelling. Think of how great artists changed their works when living and working in different places.