On the eve of the Mayan end of the world, we send 5 new disposable cameras around the world to capture the new era. The first one just came back!
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On December 20st, Maeva, Ben and I participated to a special event of our favorite radio Allo La Planete. We knew there will be a lot of interesting travelers so we brought with us 5 disposable cameras to launch a new batch of our Disposable Stories project. The concept is simple, we give a disposable camera to someone with the mission to take 5 pictures and then find a traveler to pass the camera to who will take 5 photos again but in a different part of the world, etc... A chain of 5 people taking 5 pictures around the world. We figured that it would be a great way to connect people together. After 8 months of traveling around the world, the first of those cameras just came back home. Big thanks to Céline who took care of sending us back the camera once she made it back to France. Enjoy the photos! Note: this time we have decided to publish the content of the notebook that traveled with the camera instead of rewriting the comments. This way you can truly experience discovering this story the same way we did when we opened the package... PS: thanks to Julie from Les carnets de traverse for providing the cute notebook that traveled with the camera

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