In December in Berlin we met with our longtime online friend Che. Of course, we took the chance to ransack his bag and see what he carries along on his travels.

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If you are a regular reader of Hejorama, you already know Che. He's an illustrator from London and we collaborated on two articles. The first one was for our travel notebooks series and the second one was a map showing the location of his stickers around the world.

Che went to Berlin in December 2011 and got in touch with me since I'm currently living there. We hang out in the city and one morning I showed up with my camcorder at his hostel to film what's in his bags.

Che carries around everything you would expect from an illustrator: pencils, sketchbooks, stickers and three different cameras. Among them two Lomography cameras: a fisheye one and a fancy looking one called El Capitan.

Discover the rest in the video!


PS: I know we promised better quality videos in 2012 but this was shot in 2011. Sorry for the crappy sound...