When our travel blogging friend Adam told us he was going back to the US for Thanksgiving, we figured that it would be the perfect opportunity to ransack the backpack he went around the world with.

  • Video host Nicole
  • Video edit Alex
  • Soundtrack of the report
  • The Snake In Dallas
  • Gorillaz

Adam currently lives in Berlin where he's taking a break from travelling to focus on his popular travel blog and his recently launched new project, mygaytravelguide.com.

To lead the search on Adam's stuff, we asked our friend Nicole, an American expat that lives in Berlin and writes about her experiences in her really good blog nicoleisthenewblack.com. She brought a great energy to the video and we love her laugh! As you will see in the video the interaction between those two is hilarious.

Watch the video and learn more about Adam's past travels, his trip to Texas, the books is reading and the story of his backpack. He also took with him one of our Disposable Stories camera so we'll have some pictures to watch when he comes back.

Big thanks to our two TV stars of the day for this awesome video! We are now looking for the next travelers to ransack. So if you are in Paris or Berlin, let us know when you leave for your next trip and we'll show up to go through your bags.