It seems to have become the dream of many people these days: have a location-independent job. You can find dozen of examples on the web of those who have quit the rat race to follow their dreams and travel around the world, while working at the same time.

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To be really honest, this is something we love to do too and that’s one of the reasons we started Hejorama. On the other hand, we have an amazing creative space in Paris that hosts our team, our sister design agency Cosmo Sapiens and the tattoo parlour of the talented Sunny Buick.

We have room, peace, twenty kinds of different tea, a small garden, a comfy couch and all this in our favourite area of Paris, the 11th. So when we travel for a long time we quickly start to miss our Parisian base and the fun of the free wifi in cafés quickly fades out. A couple of weeks ago, I discovered the perfect alternative to it. It’s called co-working.

During my stay in NY, I randomly had the chance to meet the people who created the website Loosecubes, which allows you to find a desk in a shared space to co-work for a day, a week or more. Their HQ is the perfect example of this kind of space. It’s located in the creative area of DUMBO in Brooklyn, in what I guess might have been a storage warehouse converted into a fantastic office building with super high ceilings and vast bright open spaces.


I found the idea fantastic and I went back a couple of times to work there. Those where the most productive days I had during my 5 weeks stay in NYC. Some people can work well from their bedroom. I need to wake up and go to an office. And for that Loosecubes is just perfect: it’s flexible, the website is clear and easy to use and they are building a really cool community around it. I had the chance to be in the HQ but on the website you will see that there are dozens of offices (call them loosecubes) all around the world. I have already checked in Berlin and found some really cool places for when I move there in fall.

We also really liked the human aspect of the project. It’s not just about getting a desk but also about meeting like-minded people, artist, designers or entrepreneurs. Exactly how Couchsurfing (another project that we love) is more about the people you meet than the actual couch where you will sleep. You will make interesting connections that might become your future colleagues, good friends or potentially next clients.

I made a quick video interview with Campbell, the founder of Loosecubes and Anna, the chief happiness officer. Check it to find out more about the concept and see for yourself how awesome their HQ is and even more the team.


PS: we plan to join Loosecubes and offer a desk from September. Come work with us if you are in Paris!