FinalFantasy - World World from Final Fantasy I on NES. The first episode of the cult series!
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This week, we've decided to go back in time and research our favorite video games on NES, Super Famicon, PC and Playstation to see which one had the best maps. We found a lot of them on that has an incredible collection. The rest comes from the Interwebs.

Click on the maps to have them open in full resolution as they all have a lot of details that you might not really see in the in the smaller versions in the page. Enjoy!


UltimaIV-QuestOfTheAvatar-Britannia-resized Map of Britannia from Ultima IV on PC.
Map - GTA III The map of the 3 islands from GTA III on Playstation. One of our favorite game ever and revolution in the video game history.
ManiacMansion - EdisonMansion That's not an actual map from the game but a montage made by a fan with pictures of all the rooms of the mansion from Maniac Mansion (NES). Brings back amazing memories!
LegendOfZelda -ALinkToThePast-LightWorld Map of the Light World in Zelda - Link To the Past (Super Famicom)
ChronoTrigger - 12000BC (BeforeCrash) Map of the 12,000BC World from Chrono Trigger (Super Famicom).
HomeAlone - McCallisters'Home The 2d view of the McCallister's house from Home Alone on NES.
Not really a map but the plan of the first floor of Wolfenstein 3d on Super Famicom. You can even see the portrait of the Furher on the walls.
Map WoW Not really old school but we couldn't pass on the map of World of Warcraft (PC).