We are happy to announce our new contribution to the Fricote #5! Remember, Fricote is a quaterly french magazine that focuses on food in which we published a column written by Yvonne in September.

For this new issue, I wrote three double-page spreads entitled "Intercontinental Breakfasts", illustrated by the talented Alice and Michael from Billets Violet. You will find experiences shared by people from all around world, whom names appear on the map below.

Breakfast map

You may have noticed that one name is masked on the map: it's the bonus breakfast revealed exclusively on Hejorama!


"The non-Israeli travellers who met an Israeli on the way should know the Shakshouka", Adir, 29

The most traditional "Israeli" breakfast, and one that most non-Israeli travelers who met an Israeli on the way should know - is the wonderful "Shakshouka". It is slowly cooked in a frying pan, mainly containing tomatoes, eggs, onion, garlic, and spices. The eggs are only added last, when the dish is almost ready, so the yolk stays raw. It's great for the travelers because it's very simple to make, and it's pretty healthy.

But my breakfasts aren't always consistent. Usually, I don't have it, but if I do, I would go for a bowl of "Thina", which is simply a ground sesame seed paste, made with lemon, spices and garlic. My dad says that if you worry about the garlic smell, just eat some onion and it would take care of that ! I also like the hummus, more traditional in the nearby countries, made from mashed chickpeas, blended with Thina. A huge bowl of hummus, preferably made fresh, and with some black coffee !



If you want to discover the other breakfasts of the map, try to borrow or to buy the Fricote #5, out in France on the stands and the bookstores (and also available abroad in international press POS).

Thanks to all our friends who helped us and answered to our questions.