Have you ever been to Austria? If so, have you tried the Wiener Schnitzel with potato salad? The pair make up one of the most famous dishes of Viennese cuisine, and happens to be our favourite culinary memory of Vienna.

That’s why, when Alex, Ben and I learned our Viennese friend Laura was coming to Paris, we asked her if she would prepare – with our help – a Viennese meal. Laura accepted, so we cooked Wiener Schnitzel, potato salad and paired it with the Hugo cocktail, the perfect accompaniment in Vienna during the summer. It was a delicious meal… and evening.

So, here’s how to cook your very own Viennese meal!

1. Wiener Schnitzel

Top quality veal cutlets
Bread crumbs
“A lot of butter”

Pound the veal cutlets to a thickness of 5mm. The quality of the meat is very important!

Put in three shallow bowls of flour, beaten eggs (1 egg for 2 cutlets) and the bread crumbs.

Put a generous amount of butter in a pan and heat it (butter has to be hot, but not too hot).

First, dip the cutlets in the flour, then in the egg mixture and lastly into the bread crumbs.

Fry the cutlets in the pan for 3-4 minutes on each side.

Actually, they should be served immediately after cooked, but if you’re making more than one cutlet per person (as we did), fry one Schnitzel after another and keep the cooked ones warm in the oven.

Typically the Schnitzel is served with a slice of lemon and cranberry jelly.

2. Potato salad (4 servings)

1kg of floury potatoes
Beef or vegetable stock
White wine vinegar
Moustard, salt, pepper
Olive oil or canola oil

Boil the potatoes and peel them.

Prepare 500ml of bouillon.

Put thin slices of butter in a salad bowl.

Cut the potatoes into slices (they should still be hot) and put them in the bowl.
Mix the bouillon with white wine vinegar, 2 teaspoons of moustard, salt and pepper and 2 tablespoons of oil. Pour over the potatoes.
Mix the salad with a finely-diced onion and let it rest for at least 30 minutes.

You can decorate it with chives!

3. Hugo cocktail (1 person)

1 ice cube
Prosecco or sparking white wine
2cl of elderflower syrup
1 lime
2 mint leaves
150ml of soda or sparkling water

Quarter the lime, squeeze it over the wine glass and put the remaining pieces of lime into the glass.
Add the elderflower syrup, the mint leaves and the ice cube, and top up with the white sparkling wine and the soda/water.

Bon appetit!


Thanks to Laura for having shared her recipes!