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I flown from Munich to New York with Lufthansa for a weekend trip in the beginning of March. It was very short but, thanks to Hejorama tips to fight the jet lag, it was ok!


"...Cocktails will be served, followed by a meal.." I thought I was misunderstanding when I heard this from the FA! But no, you can really have a cocktail as aperitif: vodka, whisky, gin, etc.. I finally chose red wine, which was a decent one. It came with a small pack of crackers.


'Thai Chicken'

The best meal I've ever had on a plane! The chicken and the vegetables were really tasty, and the sauce was perfect. It came with a shrimps salad, and a delicious peach cake. I took a second glass of red wine to go with the meal.


'Bavarian Sausage'

This sandwich was the snack served before landing in NYC. It was pretty good, although it has nothing to do with a Bavarian Sausage as the FA presented it.



In the return flight, it was also cocktail party!



After the splendid Thai Chicken on the inbound flight, my expectation were high for this beef. And so I was quite disappointed.. The beef was tasteless.. The vegetable were just ok, nothing great. But at least the salad and the dessert were really good!



I was also a bit disappointed by the breakfast. Just a cereals bar, some bread and some cheese and butter. But at least the (small) fruit salad was fresh and tasty. I think I had better breakfast on short haul flight within Europe...