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I’ve been monitoring the local CS events in NYC ever since I arrived two weeks ago. There were quite of lot of interesting things happening that I couldn’t attend. But when I saw that the guys from CSNY were organizing a picnic in the subway I knew I had to join!

As I’m too shy to go to this kind of things alone (sober at least), I took my mate John with me and went to buy some supplies before heading to the meeting point in Bryant park. You can see the rest of the adventure in the video. The ride in the train was the best part and it was a lot of fun to look at the non CS people boarding the car full of people sharing food. We stopped in Flushing Meadows for a bit and it was cool to meet New Yorkers and share some Couchsurfing stories with them.

However I do have noticed a big difference with the picnics that are organized in Paris and London. As you can guess there was no booze involved in this adventure due to the local laws. And as much as I liked it, I’m pretty sure it would have been epic if we were sipping beers with our sandwiches. That might be a sad observation but parties are always crazier when you mix CSers with alcohol and usually end up in nights of random events and epic tales. But that wasn’t necessarily the point of the picnic and the concept of doing it in the train was fun enough to make it a good adventure.


PS: check the pictures of the event on the CSNewYork facebook page.