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One of the benefits of doing this magazine is to get in touch with people doing amazing things to share their inspiring stories. And there's a lot of them... This week please meet Nadine Horn!

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A few months back we were interviewing Fabian Dittrich who is currently traveling the world and supporting local initiatives by raising funds for them. We’ve been following is amazing adventures ever since and find it so inspiring. And when Nadine Horn, a friend of Fabian, approached us about our HejoMap mapping system we knew we’d get to discover another fascinating project.

Nadine is a German journalist and adventurer who has already several epic stories to tell like how she was a shepherdess in Australia or cycled around Spain for two months covering 4000km. But since it wasn’t enough she has decided to create her own triathlon and use the attention to raise funds for the Blue Danube. We took the chance to ask a few questions to know a bit more about her.

1. How did you become a traveler?

I think it started pretty early, but there is a funny story attached to it. My granny used to take us on travels with her caravan when we were tiny and I remember that I enjoyed having breakfast in the morning sunshine, walking over the grass. It turned out that I was very homesick – but she was good at dealing with it. Once I finished school the homesickness was gone and I realised to discover myself it's time to travel. I left for Australia.

Nadine Horn

2. Why is travel appealing to you? What do you get from it?

Travelling is living for me. It reminds you to enjoy the moment, to look forward to surprises and don't get too attached to one person / place as it changes with every step you go. For me it is the university of life who helps me growing as a person.

3. What is your favourite memory of travel that you usually keep to yourself?

There is no favourite, but one that pops in my head right now is playing chess in Cairns on a sunny morning with some random people passing by who thought they could beat me. It did not happen :)

4. What is your best asset when you travel?

A hat / cap. No particular one, anyone that I find. It kind of protects you from the sun, but also give some sort of comfort. On my last trip around whole spain, I found a whole straw hat on a deserted road, it became a good companion.

5. What is the best food culture for you and why?

I enjoy all kind of food cultures. The last one I was introduced to was the Spanish one. I love it - why? Because they eat when they feel like, it's not about big portions but a variety of tastes and sharing. But also I enjoy the German one with good stews, meat and great sauces.

6. Any cultural practices you've learned in travel you use in your own life?

I have dropped 'waiting'. When I lived in Australia I remember desperately waiting to catch the bus to be on time for work. The bus never came. So I thought what is the point of 'waiting' for something that may be never turns up. So, no waiting, no boredom, just making the best out of what is now.

7. About your trip, why did you decide to embark on such a journey?

Because I am nuts :) No, just joking. I learn by doing - I signed up for a half-ironman in September and thought how can I train for it without putting my adventure hat in the cupboard. The - Three Border Triathlon - was born. I think everyday is there to be lived and it is not about arriving. During 3 months I will not only train, but help to give back to the country by raising funds, engage with the locals, learn about different cultures and also learn a whole new set of skills. How exciting is this?

8. How did you prepare for it? What resources did you use?

The main preparation for doing the trip was to ask the 'why' and once this one is down. Once I have found what excites me the most and put it together to form the package, the rest just floats. I start everywhere, write down thoughts and then narrow it down. It helps me to write post in my blog to realise what I have been doing, what is missing and I can always review it. For me preparing also means to ask the experts - I found the South London Swimming Club to introduce me to cold water swimming and learn a lot just by turning up and meeting the people who are already active in the field.

9.Will you stop cycling or running if you see a beautiful spot worth a photo?

Of course, it's never the destination but the journey with all its beauty along the way.

10. What do you hope won't happen during this trip?

Anything I don't want to happen I don't even consider, but prepare for it.

11. What will be your next adventure.

After the Three Border Triathlon, I will do a half-ironman in September and then aim is to cycle along Patagonia in another edgy adventurous way. Any ideas? Drop me a line.

P.S Come and join me on my trip - many fun parts to be involved. The more the merrier. Especially if you live in Switzerland, Austria or Germany or always wanted to visit those places - now you have a reason.

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