Play Paul

This week, the talented French musician Play Paul answers our questions.

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You don't know this face? If you go out in the clubs, anywhere in the world, there's a pretty good chance you have danced to his music. Buffalo Bunch, Play Paul and Ryskee are the multiple identities of the same person: Paul, a Parisian DJ, who has traveled all around the world. His new challenge: conquer South America, the last continent to resist him.

1. Did you travel much before you started play in other countries?

Yes a little bit, as a tourists’ child and then vacation teen. Spain, Tunisia, Portugal and a cruise on the Mediterranean when I was 11.

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2. Why is travel appealing to you? Is it inspiring your music?

Travelling allows you to take a global view on France and French people and see how stupid they are, ahah! Or realize that we are actually not that bad here. Being exposed to new people and discover new culture is an important part of every trip.

I’m not really inspired by my travels but they often allowed me to appreciate local music better than I did when listening in Paris. For instance, I hated choppy African music until I went to Ivory Coast. And although I still hate afro-cuban music like Compay Segundo, I know I’d love it in La Havana. Musical genres get their full meaning only where they are born.

3. What is your favourite memory of travel that you usually keep to yourself?

Hmm, I would say the road back to the Abidjan Airport. I always leave Africa with great emotions.

4. What is your best asset when you travel?

My knowledge of English, German and some notions of Spanish. In short, the languages and my natural curiosity for people and cultures.

5. Where did you played and enjoyed it the most?

Berlin, Barcelona, Budapest, Osaka. There’s something with the cities starting with Bs.

6. Name a place where you’d love to play ?

Thailand, Mexico, Argentina. I’d love to play there since it would allow me to stay for 4-5 days to discover.

7. What would be your ideal mode of of transport, real or invented?

My feet. I walk a lot and love that.

8. What do you listen to when you travel ?

I’m one of those musicians who doesn’t listen to music. So I'd say that I only listen to local music when travelling.

9. Who would you like to travel with?

I travel alone 90 per cent of the time. I’m used to that and I like it better. But I could answer that I like also to travel with a good friend of mine who will remain secret.

10. Any cultural practices you’ve learned in travel you use in your own life?

I don’t see any. I do stretch 10 minutes when I wake up but I learn that with boxing, not in Asia.

11. Describe your ideal place to take a nap/sleep?

My hotel. A good hard bed with an equally hard pillow and more important: no damn AC with a constant fan noise, I hate that.

12. Is there music that you experience as a travel that helps you re-visit places and memories?

I don’t really have an answer since I never link music to a place. Or maybe, minimal music that takes me straight into a BMW on a German highway (no kidding).

13. Where is your next trip? Next tour?

Nothing great planned for now. Berlin as usual but no real tour in the plans. I must be getting old! As I said I’d love to tour in South America or maybe do Korea-Japan again.

14. News on the musical side?

The new single of my side project Ryskee will be released in March on Southern Fried, one of Fatboy Slim’s labels. It’s a song featuring the super talented Swedish singer, Jenny Wilson. Mr Oizo and Jamaica have done amazing remixes. Jamaica’s one will be released in February on the new Kitsune Parisien compilation. Depending on how well the songs does, we might start do some mini-tours and showcases.