Nicolas got in touch with us after spending a few months in China. With this photo essay he shares his first impressions on a country unique in the world. Enjoy his very good photos and discover China through his eyes. Make sure to go check his blog for more photos.

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China, f**king crazy China, I love you. 22-year old student, I've discovered the largest communist country in the world. Including all its drifts.

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From the flight to Beijing where a child didn't stopped screaming, emblematic symptom to the one child (turning baby king) policy to the beautiful landscapes in Qinghai north from Tibet, there is no country like it.

The whole country is a giant mess where you can find everything. In cities like Beijing luxury cars are ruling the streets, the art district "798" is a giant "Factory", bikers in Harley Davidson, prostitutes cards in every doors, cheap taxis, food supermarket full of sharks, crocodiles, turtle, worms, products that you don't even know if it's eatable. Mao portraits, calendars, watches, plates. Shopping, giant malls, 20-floors buildings built in 4 months, incredible bicycles… Welcome to China where everything is buyable in a Communist country.

However the most important thing to me, traveling, is unbelievable in China. When a country is that size, you expect different landscapes but you're always blown away by its beauty. Iced mountains, desert of sand, giant lakes, tropical forest, plains… And transportation is so cheap. You can easily go for 600 km in a night train for something like 15 €.

And what to say about the Chinese people I met. You NEED to talk a little bit of Chinese and sooner than later they are really open and inviting you to take the tea, or trying to help you to find your way. But dealing with Chinese tourists can really be a pain… They are rushing all the time and don't really care about anything. So be prepared when you want to go to touristic spots.

But most of all ,I love the wild landscapes all around in the country.

You can follow all my discoveries and pictures on my blog.