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I went to Australia a few months back to join some friends who were in Nimbin, a tiny town near Byron Bay on the east coast. After almost 2
hours of bus on little mountain roads, I was finally there.

  • Photo/StoryWilly Rissel
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My friends and I were in Nimbin t volunteer at the Mardi Grass
festival which is organized by the Hemp Embassy. Every year, for about 3 days, thousands of people come to this little town to celebrate
marijuana and support its legalization. For some, it’s just a good opportunity to freely smoke in the streets really.

It wasn’t hard work to volunteer there. Basically you just had to
roll fake joints with plants, paint rubbish in purple and stuff like
that. In exchange, the Hemp Embassy gave us food, showers and weed.
There are not a lot of places in the world where you get paid in weed…

Nimbin is located in the middle of the mountains. It is really just a
main street with stores and coffee shops but everything revolved
around marijuana. There was even a museum rooting for marijuana

There’s a lot of things happening during the day: mainly parades (old
VW combi, Ganja Fairies), concerts and funny contest like bang
throwing or joint rolling.

To mock the cops, a few volunteers were dress in police uniforms and
handing fake joints to tourists so that the local authorities couldn’t
tell who was really smoking weed.

After the festival I stayed for a few more weeks with the locals who
were just all crazy and extravagant. We mostly spent our days smoking
and talking about cannabis. Nimbin is definitely like no other town in
the world…

Enjoy the photos!