Here's our selection of 7 articles from our archives.

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We don't usually take part of this kind of initiative because we are kind of communication snob and don't like to be used for marketing schemes. Also we are not usually invited to do so.

But this time is different and the project started by Tripbase sounded original and motivating enough to consider sacrificing a little bit of our precious time and join the #My7Links craze! Thanks to Yvonne (@JustTravelous), we took a short trip down to memory lane and had a look in our archives to decide of 7 links according to the categories.

But before that, here are our nominees to keep the chain going: Daniel, Roy, Chelsea and Charlotte from there & here, Anne from pretavoyager and finally Dwight.

1. Our most beautiful article: Romain's travel notebooks

Just have a look and you will understand why we consider it one of our most beautiful articles. The illustration of Romain are just gorgeous and they tell about the fantastic trip. No doubts about this one. Pure talent...

2. Our most popular article: Interview of Ava Addams

Well, there's no arguing about that, sex sells. And this interview is definitely our most popular article of all time in terms of views. And to be honest we are really proud of it because it shows an important aspect of Hejorama. We want to go where no one has been before and as far as we know, no one asked a smart and gorgeous pornstar about her travels.

3. Our most controversial article: The Romantic Side of Couchsurfing

The people in the Couchsurfing community are very proud of their open-mind and have strong beliefs. So when Tiffany told them a truth about the project, we knew there would be strong reactions. It is definitely our most controversial article, although recently Roy has started some pretty heated debates.

4. Our most helpful article: How-To Make Maté

Our how-to series are very useful articles. We selected this one because we love the social aspect of Maté. And also because the video made by Ben and Romain is a lot of fun.

5. The article whose success surprised us: Around the world, our four legged friends

Who thought that a series of pictures of dogs around the world would get so many great comments?

6. The article we feel didn’t receive the attention it deserved: Interview of Ben&Julia

We really loved Ben&Julia and are very happy that they answered our questions. It's an amazing interview of very interesting creative people. We were a bit disappointed by the lack of comments from the community.

7. The article that we are the most proud of: We are all Wonderlust Kings

Let's make that straight, we are very proud of every single article we've published. But this one is important because it's about our Manifesto. Actually maybe the Manifesto is the thing we are the most proud of!