Recently our friend Tracy, an American expat in Bulgaria, sent us the kind of e-mail who love to receive:

So, I’m living and working in a small Bulgarian Muslim village in the southwest corner of the country called Gorno Dryanovo, pop. 700. A few weeks ago we had the 8th graders at the school clean out the creepy old basement only to discover these incredible Communist-issued posters that I suppose were to be used when teaching a gym class.

The basketball poster says something along the lines of “throwing the ball to the group with two hands” while the other shows how one would pass the ball with one hand. The soccer poster simply says “hit the ball with your head.” The third poster has images of “fast exercises.”

Okay, basically they’re amazing and I’m so glad to have found such a weird thing in this even weirder country.


Thanks a lot for this amazing discovery. We love them!

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Team Hejorama