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In February, I spent two weeks in Israel to discover the country and meet the people. It was an amazing experience and I learned a lot during my time there. One of my objective was to try to understand a little bit better the very complex situation with Palestine, see what people think of that and eventually make my own opinion about it.

One person that really helped me with that is Adam, an American travel blogger that writes travelsofadam.com with whom we've been in touch on Twitter for a while. Adam has spent 4 months in Israel and was there for the second time when I met him in Tel Aviv. When he told me he was considering going to Palestine, I immediately asked if I could join in for this adventure. And that's how a couple days later I met him in Jerusalem and we took the mini-bus N°18 to Ramallah.

When we sat in a Stars & Bucks coffee shop in downtown Ramallah, Adam answered my questions about his stay in Israel, gave me the basics of the local geography and shared his views with the on-going conflict. Discover everything in the video.


Note: next week's Monday Map will be about Israel, don't miss it if you want more information on the topic.