This collection was curated by Lauren Kilberg, who writes the excellent blog, definitely one of our favorites. We asked Lauren if she would contribute to our Monday Map column. As she boldly states in her Twitter description: "Collector of maps, passport stamps and freckles," so we figured that it would be weird to ask her to show her freckles collection. Follow Lauren on Pinterest and you will see that she's a passionate and expert media curator. This is confirmed with this excellent map selection. Thank you Lauren!

There is an undeniable art to making maps, but sometimes the map is the art. While I think a framed map of any sort makes for great wall art, these artists have taken the art of map making a step further.

Jason LaFerrera

Jason LaFerrera creates art prints featuring animals common to a particular city or state collaged from historical maps. The California grizzle bear and Paris pigeon are just two in a series of many.

Matthew Cusick

Map Works is a series by artist Matthew Cusick. His art blends inlaid maps and acrylic paint to create stunning abstract scenes.

These Are Things

Ohio-based design studio These Are Things is the genius behind the Europa Touring Maps. These modern map inspired prints feature 6 European cities through their most iconic landmarks.

Shannon Rankin

Shannon Rankin of the Etsy shop Selflesh makes embroidered map collages. A favorite is her “I Heart” series where she creates custom collages from city maps as hearts (the organ not the shape).