It's Friday, time to relax and enjoy our selection of interesting articles you might have missed this week.

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This week is a special Web-O-Rama. It's been exactly 6 months that Hejorama magazine was launched. It's been 6 months of hard work where we had to travel less to focus on writing, illustrating and assemble the first articles of Hejorama. The most important ones as they set the editorial spirit of our magazine.

We still have hard times explaining what is this editorial spirit but we usually gives as references Monocle, Vice Magazine and Of course we are nothing close any of this really cool magazines but we definitely aim to achieve something like that.

To help you understand what's Hejorama in a nutshell, we have selected some of the content that illustrates the best the editorial line of our magazine.

Don't worry, if you have already read everything on Hejorama we also have included our usual round up of interesting articles from the Internet.


Selection of articles from Hejorama

by Team Hejorama,

Some of our great articles:
- How to Dance the Lezginka - a cool story from Kazakhstan with instructions and fun graphics to learn an exotic dance.
- Romain's travel notebooks - simply amazing drawings
- Hejorama Heroes: Sir Richard F. Burton - a short biography of the legendary adventurer and why is a hero for us.
- Interview of Shaun Jefford - our first and still favorite interview, we love Shaun Jefford and his Beijing Punk movie!
- Running - a perfect example of how Hejorama treats of various topics always with the "travel twist".
- The Romantic Side of Couchsurfing - we are not afraid to say what we think even if it sparks a controversy among the CS community.
- Faces of Asia - one of our gorgeous photo series.
- How to drink mate - one of our first videos. There will be many more!

- Many more here!

In Transit

In Paris, Tattoos and a Slice of Cake While You Wait

by Claudia Barbieri, In Transit, NY Times

I won't lie, I have selected this article because the title made me think of our own office. As you might know our Parisian loft is not only home for our team but also the talented tattoo artists Sunny Buick and Sailor Roman. They are both excellent cooks as well actually and we often eat delicious cupcakes and other fantastic pastries. We also are tea addicts and have a pretty big selection of tea.

If you ever are in Paris near the 11th district you should definitely come have a tea, share with us your travel stories and why not, get a tattoo?


Rio carnival 2011

We have sent Maeva our special reporter to Brazil to cover the Carnival but we have yet to get her photos and report. While you wait you can check this article that has a great selection of photos of the Carnival that ended on Tuesday. I wish we were there too. Next year for sure!


The Culture Shock Blues

by Globetrooper Todd, Globetrooper

Very interesting article on how to deal with the culture shock of arriving in a new country. Although we usually find it to be super exciting to be abroad, we agree that sometimes, some countries might be more difficult to handle than the other. But the culture shock is definitely part of the experience and that's what makes every trip an exciting adventure. And this articles gives very good advices to adapt faster. Learning the local language even it's only a few basic words is definitely the best start.


Thailand, land of smiles. But only if you’re white

by Dwight Turner, CNNGo

We've been following Dwight Turner for a while on twitter and always enjoyed his witty tweets (and yummy #bkkfatty food pictures). That was a pleasant surprise to see an article from him in CNNGo, especially a good one like this. I've never been to Thailand but I was far from imagining that it would be so discriminatory towards black people. I mean, I figured that in a country ruled by tourism, the fact simple that you are a Westerner would make you important no matter what you look like. As you will see in the article, it's only the case if you are white. Kind of like France actually...

Twenty-Something Travel

The Art of the Travel Nap

by Stephanie Yoder, Twenty-Something Travel

If you have read some of our interviews, you have noticed that we usually ask people about their favorite spot to take a nap while travelling. I mean who doesn't like to take a nap? If we didn't drink that much tea we'd probably even have some at the office. And when we travel it's definitely one of our guilty pleasures. That's why we enjoyed the tips from this article.



That's it for this week! See you next Friday for more news from the interwebs.