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24 March of 2011 by

Plane Swiss Air

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These pictures were taken during my flights between Paris and Tel Aviv, via Zurich, on Swiss Air.


That chicken was really alright but the vegetables not so much. I’ve never really liked the green beans and the kind of hash brown potatoes tasted a bit weird. The rest of the meal was average but featured a bit of swiss cheese obviously. It was half-melted and I’m pretty sure it leaked on my jeans.

Meal Swiss Air 1

‘Beef and mash potatoes’

This meal had literally no taste. Honestly it could have been beef, chicken or pork I couldn’t have tell the difference. The rest of the tray was alright and I liked the apple pie.

Meal Swiss Air 2


I usually don’t drink beer in airplanes and I’m still not sure why I asked for one that day.


‘Cheese sandwich and coke’

On the Zurich-Paris leg of my return flight, we were served this delicious cheese sandwich. It was really small but did the job.

Meal Swiss Air 3

Tel Aviv Sunset


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  1. Absolutely love Swiss, they’re an awesome airline. Even on the shortest flights they give out delicious Swiss chocolate. Their planes feel more executive and spesh than a lot of other European airlines.

  2. Yes I should have added that after every meal they give you excellent Swiss chocolate. They went straight to my mouth so I have no picture of them :)

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