It’s one thing to be a long-term traveler, quite another to sustain yourself abroad by doing exactly what you love. And for Mark Wiens, eating local food and getting involved in the local culture seems exactly his calling.

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Born in Arizona, he grew up France, Kenya and the Congo before returning to the U.S. for university. After graduating with a degree in Global Studies, Mark was back on the road, ending up in Thailand. And he started to eat…

His Eating Thai Food Guide has been called a must-read for people looking to learn and sample as many Thai dishes as possible.

It’s an 88-page e-reference guide full of all good things Thai: what to try, where to get it, what it looks like and how to order. This guide, and an empty stomach, is all you’ll need to enjoy eating in Thailand.

Mark’s next project involves going vegetarian for one month with his friend Dwight Turner, giving up the many meat and fish dishes he loves and writes about to raise money to help several refugee families pay their rent.

Recently, we called Mark at his home in Bangkok. Watch the video!


Roy about the Eating Thai Food guide:
"The Thai Food Guide is food porn. You will be salivating over the pictures and longing to be in Thailand after reading this guide!"

Alex about the Eating Thai Food guide:
"Never been to Thailand but I was amazed to discover so many different meals. I'm going there this winter and I know now that I won't die from starvation at least..."