During my latest trip to France, I did not use the services from Lufthansa or Air France airlines: I tried something new for me, the TGV! From Munich, you can take this SNCF high speed train to join Paris in just 6 hours, while Strasbourg is reached in less than 4 hours.

The good point with trains is that the 1st Class is somehow affordable: I just had to pay 10€ more compare to the normal ticket price. Quite a good deal for more leg room, and a quieter coach. And last but not least, much to my surprise, a breakfast at your place is included aboard all international routes in this class!

This breakfast includes a fresh French pastry (croissant, chocolatine or pain aux raisins) with an hot beverage and an orange juice.
Moreover, you get a very good piece of bread accompagnated with:
– the famous “Paysan Breton” butter
– a small jar of very good abricot jam
– a yogurt from Savoie with Muesli (crispy, creamy and tasty!)
– a selection of smoked ham, egg and cheese for the salty part

I was really surprised by the quality of all these ingredients: definitely better than all breakfast I had so far in economy class on any airline.

So enjoying this good breakfast aboard a train going quickly through the nice landscapes of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg was an unexpected experience!