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Note from Alex: this the first article of our new "In flight meals" series where the editorial team will review the food served in our planes. First, Daniel with his trip to SEA.

These are both from Air Canada flights to/from Vancouver and Hong Kong.

'Chicken on the way'

This was the first meal en-route to Hong Kong. Perhaps the most edible airplane meal I've ever eaten. Bland but decent chicken, boiled rice and some mushrooms. Good thing about AC meals is that they always come with a dinner roll ("fill up on bread son") and bottled water - so you don't have to wait for a drink. If you need beer, you gotta wait.

'Chicken, rice, avocado, mushroom'

Actually, maybe this was the most edible. Chicken and mushrooms is soy sauce, white boiled rice and warm avocado! Beauty. This was dinner on the flight from Hong Kong to Vancouver. Washed down with a lot of free Scotch.

chicken, rice, avacado, mushroom

'Pasta and meat sauce'

This was dinner on the way to HKG. Perhaps the worst pasta I have eaten in years. But there was a roll! And fresh fruit.

pasta and meat sauce

'Pot Noodles'

Love it. This was breakfast on the way to HKG. Because this flight is full of Chinese people, they try to cater to Chinese tastes. "Chinese tea or English tea" is heard a lot. And they serve noodle soup for breakfast! (Not with Scotch this time).

pot noodles and biscuits