• Briefing Alex/Maeva
  • Video MacGyver - e04s01

This week's map is not technically a map, it's a video about how to use them. I don't mean how to read them and find your way using one, although that might be quite useful as well. I'm talking about how to use one MacGyver style, that is to say in 5 ways it was never intended to.

This is also the opportunity for us to show some love to our favorite hero of all time, the awesome super smart eco-responsible secret agent portrayed by Richard Dean Anderson (who's also the awesome General Jack O'Neill from SG-1). We've been fan for many years and I still consider it as my favorite TV show ever. I still watch it regularly and I especially enjoy all the episodes where he travels around the world.

Spoiler alert: don't read further until you have seen the video or it will loose all its interest!

The featured video is the opening gambit of the episode four in the first season of MacGyver, "The Gauntlet". Our hero is sent to an unidentified middle-eastern country to retrieve a map. He's quickly discovered and has to flee. To successfully escape from the local police he will have to find inventive ways of using the map.

5 ways MacGyver uses his map in the video:

  • 2:25 - Get a key from the other side of the door. Slide the map under the door and push the key using your knife, retrieve the key by pulling the map.
  • 3:40 - Use the map as a blowpipe
  • 4:25 - Hide a crowbar in your map to kick the bay guy's ass by surprise
  • 5:10 - Sandsurf on the map (my personal favorite)
  • 6:30 - Fix a hole in your Hot air balloon. You will need duct-tape in addition of the map for this one.

Alex (proud owner of a Swiss army knife for the last 20 years)


Do you have any other creative ways to use a map to share? Leave them in the comments!