Camera 4 is back!

06 January of 2012 by

Last summer in Paris, Maeva, Roy, Daniel, Ben and Alex came up with the Disposable Stories project.

  • Story Alex
  • Photos 5 people (see below)
  • Soundtrack of the report
  • I Turn My Camera On
  • Spoon

The concept is simple, we give a disposable camera to someone with the mission to take 5 pictures and then find a traveler to pass the camera to who will take 5 photos again but in a different part of the world, etc… A chain of 5 people taking 5 pictures around the world.

We sent 10 cameras around the world between June and September 2011.

No one truly believed that this would work and I have to admit that after a few months without any news, we began lose a bit of our eternal optimism. And then we got a package back. It worked!

We’d like to thank all the people who took care of camera n°4 and especially Michael who went through the hassle of shipping the camera back to our office in Paris. Thanks for showing that this kind of project can work, you rock!

And now, the photos!

Update: We have started a Kickstarter project to fund a relaunch of the project on a bigger scale. Join in!

1. Karima

Karima is good friend of ours from Paris and we gave her a camera before she left to attend the Bread&Butter fashion show in Berlin last summer.

2. Nina

Nina is a graphic designer living Berlin, she took the camera on a road trip to England.

Follow her adventures on @smaracuja and Travelettes.

3. Kathrine

Kathrine got the camera from Nina back in Berlin and took it to Innsbruck, Austria.

Follow her adventures on @katieba and Anchored Paperplane.

4. Yvonne

Yvonne received the camera in Innsbruck but shot her photos during her trip to Norway.

Follow her adventures on @JustTravelous and Just Travelous.

5. Michael

Yvonne passed the camera to Michael while he was passing by Berlin during his Ultimate Train Challenge. Randomly enough we made the map for his adventure. As you can see his photos cover a large area going from Russia to Vietnam.

Special thanks to Michael to had to take care of the shipping back of the camera as he was the last on the chain.

Follow his adventures on @mobilelawyer and Go,See,Write.



Disposable Stories

Disposable Stories Camera 5


Camera 5 is back!

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  1. Merci beaucoup for setting up this project! I really love the outcome, every picture is great in its own way. I’d love to have prints of every single one of them, please!

  2. That’s an awesome Idea…. I definitly love it… If you want to do it again I am read to be part of it… I am currentl in Tokyo

  3. Hi,

    I discovered your project and i could’nt think of a more awesome idea !
    Thinking the camera has done an almost complete world tour makes the thing even crazier !

    Bravo :)

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  4. Thanks everyone! We are so happy with the photos too :)

    We will update everyone when the next batch of cameras will leave. And hopefully we’ll get back a few cameras soon that we’ll publish asap.

  5. Love it! Especially love the “screw-ups,” which never seem to happen nowadays in the world of digital photography. Also, I have now added Norway to my list of must-visits.

  6. Wouldn’t it be interesting to use the cameras from different points of view, like experiencing Occupy Wall Street? Everyone’s story is different. It’s more than a story written on a piece of paper.

  7. Thanks everybody :)

    @Tess Elliot : Your idea it’s interesting too ! It’s another project, but we will think about it


  8. Hi guys!
    Beautiful concept! had goosebumps looking at the photos and how far the camera has come! awesome! really awesome! Hope to read more stories of this type of project!

  9. Seen your page about a month ago and was inspired to do the same with my students. We’ve sent out a final amount of 32 cameras to different ends of the world and are currently awaiting patiently awaiting the results. When we hear back (crossed fingers) I will get back in touch to share the joy.

  10. Wow, this project is simply amazing. The idea is o creative an I think it brings a sense of unity among people when they see the pictures.

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  11. LOVE this idea! Looks like so much fun and a way to get amazing insights into the way other people see the world :)

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