When we were young, September was depressing because it meant the end of the summer break and the beginning of a new school year.

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But one thing we always enjoyed was to check the TV program and see what were the new shows and the returning ones. The sadness of seeing a show not return was always tamed with the impatience of discovering the new ones.

It's not really like that anymore but we don't really blame the Internet. Remember that we grew up in France and discovered the American TV shows several years later after they were shown in the US.

For us Dylan was still dating Brenda while he was actually a drug addict and had broke up twice with Kelly on American TV. But thanks to the Internet, we saw the finale of Friends with everyone else around the world.

Anyways, we are addicted to TV shows and figured that we should share the one we are expecting to watch in September '11.


Travel in the air with "Pan Am"

A TV show about the iconic Pan American World Airways in the 60's? That sounds like Mad Men in the sky to us. So no way we'll miss that. And it's been a while since we saw Christian Ricci on a screen.

> First episode airs on September 25th
(On a side note Paname is slang for Paris)


Travel to Chicago with "The Playboy club"

You all know our fascination for the Playboy empire and its awesome founder Hugh Hefner. After reading the entire playboy philosophy, reading the archive and watch dozens of documentaries, we could only dream of a TV show about the golden age. Back in the 60's Playboy wasn't only a media, it was a lifestyle that you could fully live in the Playboy clubs. Here's what Hef said about the TV show on Twitter:

"Clips from 'The Playboy Club' are really making me nostalgic for the Bunnies in Chicago in the 1960s. Those were the days!"- @hughhefner

> First episode airs on September 19th.


Travel in time with "Terra Nova"

A new TV series produced by Steven Spielberg with a time travel plot can only sound exciting for sci-fi nerds like us. The story takes place in a near future where the human race is facing extinction. The solution? Travel back in time 85 millions years and colonize earth before it was spoilt by humanity. Good plan if you repeat the same mistake. And don't get annihilated by angry dinosaurs...

> First episode airs on September 26.


Travel to NY with "How to make it in America (season 2)"

It's definitely one of our favourite shows of 2010. We happened to watch it over the summer when we were preparing the release of the new version of Hejorama and go fully into this new venture. So we felt very close to the heroes of the show who are launching their own thing too. It was very motivating for us and at the office we kept listening to the now famous "I need a dollar" soundtrack to get overboosted.

The story takes place in NY and depicts the life of two cool guys from Brooklyn, trying to do something of their life. The plan: make a brand of jeans. And they are just like us, talented, awesome, kinda good-looking, funny, inspired, smart but obviously the rest of the world still needs to find out. Just like a us I swear!

> First episode of season 2 airs on October 2.


And also Bored to Death, Boardwalk Empire, Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones (but that's in a while).

What will you be watching?