This collection was curated by Lauren Kilberg from, who has contributed to this column before with the excellent Map as Art selection. Follow Lauren on Pinterest and you will see that she's a passionate and expert media curator. This is confirmed again with this excellent map selection. Thank you Lauren!

Cartography is generally an exercise in lines. Linear representations of roads, borders and boundaries are used to convey a map’s message. This collection looks at maps composed not with lines, but rather with words.

Emily Wick

While the United States as a whole shares the motto “In God we trust,” each of the 50 states also have their own official mottos and are represented in Emily Wick’s The Fifty United States and their Mottos map.

Emily Wick - US Motto Map

Axis Maps

Cartography firm Axis Maps is the genius behind these city maps, solely composed with typography. The larger the text, the more important the landmark or road. The maps are meticulously made manually.

Axis Maps1

Paula Scher

No list of typographic maps would be complete without the work of Paula Scher. Her painted typographic maps are incredibly intricate and often bursting with color.

Paula Scher Map 1

Paula Scher Map 2

Song Map

The Song Map mixes cartography, typography and music into one splendid print. The map’s streets feature song titles like Highway to Hell and Penny Lane.

Song Map 1

Song Map 2