Italian breakfast A delicious unamed breakfast from Italy by Bree
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Last week, we posted the following question on our Facebook page: “What is the best thing you ate abroad that doesn't exist in your own country ?”

Here are some of your answers!

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Nicolas from France

"When I was in Sweden, I used to eat a lot of Toscabullar: best pastries ever!! It's a cinnamon bun with almonds. In Munich you can also find a delicious stuff unknown in France: the Schweinshaxe (roasted pork knuckle)."

Livia from France

"The thai green Fanta, a far cry from the French one. I think it's made with guava, but I'm not 100% sure. Quite delicious!"

Note : the thai Fanta is a cream soda. This flavour is not listed on the packaging, it is just called green soda or nam quiew (น้ำเขียว - literally means green water). The taste is very similar to a green jelly drink that is popular in Thailand and Southeast Asia.

Dohop from Iceland

"Had a wonderful fried fish in Acco, Israel. It was crispy, which was surprising, and the ocean view didn't hurt."

Julie, Les Carnets de Traverse, from France

"I ♥ wontons : fried crab dumplings with tomato and onions. A speciality from Hoi An, Vietnam. Argh, you won: I'm hungry now!!

fried crab dumplings

Note: find the restaurant where Julie ate this dish her blog

Nina from Germany

"Do drinks count? In that case I'd say Horchata! It's always the first thing on my to do list when I'm in Spain."

Vampire Weekend - “Horchata”

Note : Horchata is the name of several kinds of traditional beverage, made of ground almonds, sesame seeds, rice, barley or tigernuts.

Bree from Utah, USA

"Breakfast in Italy. Don't know what it's called except delicious."

Italian breakfast

Note: if you know the name of this food, tell us and Bree please!

Roy from New-Zealand

"Gourmet toasted Burritos from Toronto."